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Easy Step Retrofit

Easy Step® Retrofit – Can the tub be returned to its original condition?
A real advantage to the Easy Step bathtub-to-shower conversion is that if the removed piece is saved, it can be replaced at a later date and you'll never know the conversion had been made. This is a welcome feature for family members who may be faced with eventually selling the house.

Unlike major walk-in or door tub installations, the ability to return the bathroom to normal makes the house easier to sell. Nobody wants to buy a house that requires the expense and mess of removing a bulky walk-in bathtub that you don't want or need. A door tub will cost as much to remove as it did to install, and the homeowner will have to buy a new tub and surround.

We can also update the look of the bathtub at the same time the installation takes place. Miracle Method’s proprietary non-acid bathtub refinishing process allows for guaranteed restoration of porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and cultured marble bathtubs. We can even change colors, giving the bathroom a cosmetic makeover and saving homeowners up to 75% over the cost of removal and replacement.

Easy Step Retrofit - Finding a Miracle Method Office

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