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Bathtub Repair

Bathtub Repair - What kind of tubs can be repaired?
Bathtub repair can be successfully performed on all types of porcelain tubs as well as tubs made of fiberglass, acrylic, or cultured marble.

Fixtures are often damaged during shipping, during installation, or sometimes as a result of a heavy or sharp object accidentally falling onto the surface. When these fixtures are in otherwise good condition, it makes sense to perform a bathtub or chip repair. This kind of bathtub repair can be performed right where it is - quickly and inexpensively.


Bathtub Repair Before


Tub Repair After
Miracle Method can repair bathtub chips like they never happened!



Even this rusty tub was not too much for Miracle Method Refinishing!

Miracle Method's bathtub repair service includes:

  • Porcelain bathtub repair
  • Porcelain chip repair
  • Porcelain sink repair
  • Tile grout repair
  • Cultured marble repair, including elimination of thermal cracks
  • Fiberglass bathtub repair
  • Bathroom bathtub repair
  • Fiberglass shower crack repair
  • Acrylic bathtub repair
  • Hot tub repair
  • Jacuzzi hot tub repair

Bathtub Repair - How are repairs made?

Professional bathtub repair uses waterproof, polyester resins to fill cracks and chips. Once properly sanded and filled, acrylic enamel coatings are delicately applied typically with an artist's air brush. The repaired area is carefully blended into the surrounding surface so well that it is practically invisible. Chip and bathroom tub repair definitely takes an artistic eye for color and years of practice.

Bathtub Repair - Is it cheaper to replace my tub?

Small chips, scratches, and scuffs can often quickly be repaired making bathtub repair much more economical than replacement of the entire tub. The cost of repairs will almost always be much less than replacement costs that can exceed $3000 for a single bathtub! DIY repair kits rarely deliver the long lasting, color matched results that professional bathtub refinishing delivers. Our repairs are so good, they are practically invisible.

Bathtub Repair – How do I find a Miracle Method office?

If your bathtub, shower or sink needs repair, click on Find a Location or call our toll-free locator number, 1-888-271-7690, to reach the nearest Miracle Method professional.