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Acid Etching

Miracle Method will not introduce corrosive hydrofluoric acid into your home, apartment complex or hotel!

1. Miracle Method is environmentally responsible.
2. Etching acid is dangerous.
3. Etching acid is corrosive.
4. Etching acid doesn’t always work.

Most refinishers use hydrofluoric acid to chemically “etch” a porcelain or ceramic tile surface in an attempt to make their coating “stick.” Hydrofluoric acid is so strong that it actually eats away the porcelain, creating “pits” and a rough area for the new coating to hold onto.

Hydrofluoric acid is dangerous and can cause burns to the technicians using it. If misused, this acid can cause damage to fixtures, surrounding carpet or floors. It is also corrosive to pipes if not properly neutralized before being washed down your drain. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and the acid damages pipes and the environment. If acid etching is used in your home or business, be sure the technician is covered by workman’s comp, and not your homeowner’s policy!

Nearly 25% of Miracle Method’s work is fixing an acid etching refinisher's failed job.

Acid etching can fail because even the smallest amount of moisture under the new finish at the tub’s edge or around the drain can blister and force the new finish to let go and peel. The finish will continue to peel as moisture works its way underneath and compromises the mechanical bond.

Nearly 25% of Miracle Method’s work is fixing an acid etching refinisher's failed job. It requires stripping the tub, an additional cost to you, but the job will be done right.

Miracle Method uses its own proprietary, acid-free bonding agent, MM-4. It creates a chemical bond between the old surface and the new finish on your tub fixture or tile. Our process is more like a skin graft instead of a band-aid that's stuck on. Miracle Method’s smooth, hard finish will not peel and will look like new…we guarantee it!

Finding a Miracle Method Office
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