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Bathtub Repair Liner

Bathtub Repair Liner - Will a Liner Leak?
Bathtub Repair Liner Before
This is a tub after the removal of a liner.
This is the same tub once Miracle Method refinished it!

When not properly installed, or when the bathtub repair liner does not fit, it can and will leak. This usually happens around the joints, the drain and, if the caulk was not properly installed, around the top of the tub. When water gets in between the liner and the bathtub, it creates a "squishy" feeling when you stand in the tub, or worse yet it becomes a breeding ground for mold to grow.

Once this happens the only remedy is to have the liner removed and the tub cleaned and disinfected. Miracle Method has removed liners from bathtubs in a number of homes and hotels across the country. In each case, the liner had leaked and there was mold.

Quality refinishing actually restores the surface of your existing tub. The restored bathtub surface looks and feels like the original porcelain.