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Advice on Bathtub Replacement

Seeking good advice on bathtub replacement is always the smart approach. Replacing a bathtub is a complex process that starts with the bathtub removal. Replacement will require a new tub to be exactly the same length, width, and height. Otherwise, modifications will be required to the tile surround, the walls, the flooring, and the plumbing.

Often a bathtub is set in place prior to the completion of framing, finish trim work, and hanging doors. Sometimes it is impossible to remove a bathtub from the bathroom without breaking it into smaller pieces. The same problem may be encountered trying to get a replacement shower tub into a bathroom.

The average cost to replace a typical bathtub according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association is over $3,000! Replacement will most likely require several days, if not weeks of messy demolition and construction. The cost to refinish a residential tub will be much less than replacement which can cost $3,000 or much more…and most jobs can be completed in just 2 days!