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Tile Wall Refinishing

Tile Wall Refinishing – Are you interested in replacing your bathroom wall tile?
Replacing bathroom wall tile is often considered at the same time a bathtub is replaced. And like quality bathtub refinishing you can save you up to 75% of replacement costs refinishing your bathroom tile walls.

Whether you have chipped tile or grout missing, or you want a complete bathroom makeover, refinishing is a more affordable alternative than replacing your tile wall. Miracle Method offers a variety of colors and textures. Our Natural Accents™ stone finishes have also become very popular for bathroom tile walls.

The best time to refinish a tile wall is when you have your bathtub refinished. Your Miracle Method professional can offer the best pricing if you have both the bathtub and tile walls refinished at the same time.


Tile Wall Refinishing


Tile Wall Refinishing After
This tile was updated without the need to rip it out and replace it - saving money!

Tile Wall Refinishing – What is the process of refinishing bathroom wall tile?

Refinishing bathroom wall tile is very similar to bathtub refinishing. Miracle Method uses a two-step cleaning process to remove soap scum, body oil and dirt. This is a necessary process to make sure no contaminants interfere with Miracle Method’s unique bonding process and the new finish.

If needed, some additional grout is floated over the existing grout to fill any voids and provide a smoother appearance. This is a procedure in which a squeegee is used to spread a small amount of grout over the surface. Once the new grout sets up and adequately dries, the tile is cleaned and Miracle Method’s MM-4 bonding agent is applied to ensure adhesion with the new finish.

After the application of hi-tech acrylic coatings, the refinished tile will have a bright, glossy finish with clean and even grout lines. A real advantage to having tile walls refinished is that the grout is completely sealed, eliminating any need to clean or silicone seal the grout.

Tile Wall Refinishing – Finding a Miracle Method Office

Click on Find a Location or call our toll free locator number, 1-888-271-7690, to reach the nearest Miracle Method professional and ask for a free estimate to refinish your tile wall.