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Steps to Refinishing Your Tile

Surface refinishing by Miracle Method is a proven, nearly 30-year old process, in which worn out or damaged tile countertops, walls and floors can be returned to a like new look and feel without the expensive cost of replacement.

Old, ugly surfaces are repaired and then restored by applying a new finish using hi-tech acrylic coatings. These advanced coatings, when coupled with Miracle Method’s proprietary MM-4 bonding agent, create incredibly hard and durable finishes. In fact, most people cannot tell any difference between a Miracle Method refinished surface and a new one...the results are that good!

Saving time and money are the primary reasons homeowners as well as hotel and property managers choose professional refinishing. Cost savings are as high as 50% over replacement and the process usually takes a few days, not weeks. Refinishing always wins when compared to the total costs of tear out, plumbers, tile setters, and the time and mess involved with replacement.

Redecorating and makeovers are the latest reasons people are using refinishing. You can turn your outdated Formica®, Corian® or tile countertop to a beautiful stone, solid surface look with Miracle Method’s Natural Accents™ to match your decor. Refinishing is a cost effective decorating alternative for those who want a total makeover look for their kitchen or bathroom without the mess and hassle of removal and replacement remodeling!

White tile transformed with Miracle Method Natural Accents

Step 1: Your home comes first!

Miracle Method takes great care to ensure that all the surrounding area is masked off and protected from overspray. Exhaust fans will be used to properly exhaust any unpleasant odors from the refinishing process.

Step 2: Surface preparation is very important!

The tile surface is cleaned using a special two-step process to remove any dirt, grease or other substance that may interfere with the refinishing process. All chips are filled and sanded until smooth and level.

Step 3: Making it stick - the critical difference...

The key to professional refinishing results is getting the new finish to stick to the old surface. MM-4, Miracle Method's proprietary bonding agent, is applied to the ceramic tile to chemically "bond" the new finish onto the old surface. It provides superior adhesion and greater durability and is safe to use and handle. It’s one of the key reasons why Miracle Method has become the nation’s preferred refinisher. MM-4 eliminates the need for dangerous acids, while creating a superior bond that allows Miracle Method to confidently offer an adhesion warranty on ceramic tile surfaces.

Step 4: The new surface!

While Miracle Method can match almost any color, our Natural Accents™ stone look finish has become our most popular tile application. It is a technologically advanced coating that is not only beautiful, but also affordable and durable. Your Miracle Method professional refinisher will be happy to provide you samples and demonstrate its durability.

Steps to Refinishing Your Tile – Finding a Miracle Method Office
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