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Save thousands over replacement on old tubs!

Bathtub Refinishing in Scottsdale

Those of you who live in the Scottsdale, Arizona area may already live in an older home that's had more than its share of use. While you might start noticing this in old fixtures from room to room, one thing that is often overlooked but likely needed is bathtub refinishing in your Scottsdale home.

How many years have you and your family used your bathtub? The answer is most likely to a point where it looks like it needs replacing. If it's more than a couple of decades old, there is no doubt it needs at least an aesthetic makeover. Once you recognize how much work your tub needs, this can become an embarrassing problem. But as unappealing as your aging tub is, do you have the budget to replace it? With the surface refinishing process from Miracle Method, you don't have to stress about altering your budget or your schedule for a major renovation.

Miracle Method is a Bathtub Refinishing Leader in Scottsdale

Some of you might know about Miracle Method's work in the Tempe area, but we are here to let you know that we’re also available to do our work in the Scottsdale area.

While the economy here is thriving, we are aware that the region has many older homes that were built well before 1965. Your own home is perhaps at least this old, even though "old" can also mean 20 years. Because of frequent use, a bathtub without any recent refinishing can look like a 50-year-old tub rather than one just a couple of decades old.

When you choose Miracle Method, you'll enjoy a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean finish that we can give your tub in just a couple of days. We pride ourselves on bathtub refinishing Scottsdale homeowners can trust.

So what kind of process do we use to make bathtub refinishing happen?


Bathtub Refinishing - Before Transformation


Bathtub Resurfacing - After Transformation

Updating Your Bathtub

Thanks to the affordable bathtub refinishing process Miracle Method uses, you'll save from 50% - 75% of what it would have cost to replace the tub entirely.

Our method uses high-tech acrylic resins with a specialized bonding agent. When these resins bond to your tub, it gives the surface a durable finish like you've never seen. In fact, it's a surface refinishing method that's going to add another ten to fifteen years to your tub's life.

Still, you might have specific problems with your old tub you're not sure can be solved with bathtub refinishing in your Scottsdale home. We know that home renovation projects can seem daunting, but at Miracle Method, we guarantee that we can solve any kind of tub refinishing problem due to age.

A Unique Surface Refinishing That Works on All Tub Deterioration

One of the biggest problems you're probably dealing with in your bathtub is discoloration. Our team at Miracle Method can visit your Scottsdale home and change the color of your tub using our surface refinishing process. For instance, you can change an ugly (and outdated) color of your tub to a glossy white if you so choose.

Another challenge is not being able to get the tub's surface clean. With proper bathtub refinishing, you can amend this problem. The same goes for repairing chips and cracks, something easily repairable rather than resorting to drastic measures to complete bathtub refinishing in your Scottsdale home.

Those of you living in a historic Scottsdale home might have an antique tub, like the classic clawfoot style. Miracle Method can easily restore these as well, so they look brand new. No matter the type of tub you have, our acrylic resins work wonders on your tub's surface without your having to spend big bucks.

Serving the Scottsdale Area

Your antique Scottsdale home may need bathtub refinishing, but you may still worry about how much time it's going to take. Those of you with busy schedules can restore your bathtub without all the hassles of having your bathroom torn apart for a couple of weeks while you replace your fixtures. Miracle Method values the time of all our customers, and we work hard to complete our surface refinishing jobs within two-to-three days.

Call Miracle Method today to schedule your bathtub refinishing in Scottsdale, AZ!