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Save thousands over replacement on old tubs!

Bathtub Refinishing in Phoenix

An antique bathtub in your Phoenix home may have started out as one of your pride and joys, but over time, it will need a face lift. Phoenix has many old homes in the downtown area, a lot of which have antiquated tubs that most likely haven’t been refinished in decades.

Older Phoenix homes have a historic appeal for those seeking homes with unique style and culture. The benefits are plenty, but this age and history does not always mesh well with your ideal bathroom design. While the rest of your home can boast its age in a positive light, an aging bathtub is the last thing you want to complement your home.

When it's time to find a service to restore your bathtub without an expensive replacement, Miracle Method is your answer for bathtub refinishing in the Phoenix area.

Affordable Refinishing Services

Perhaps it sounds like an oxymoron to hear "affordable refinishing." Yet, our team at Miracle Method of Tempe manages to do it with our unique approach. We can refinish many of your bathroom fixtures in all local Arizona regions. While based in Tempe, we now serve East Phoenix and Scottsdale as well.

Using our refinishing method, you'll be able to enjoy a refinished tub that's easy to clean and remains durable. This means that your bathroom can finally match the rest of your interior design, and the quality will last so you can enjoy your refinished tub for years to come without having to pay a fortune.

Our process saves you up to 75% in other restoration costs. That's a significant value, but what methods do we use to make our bathtub resurfacing for Phoenix homeowners so affordable?


Bathtub Refinishing Phoenix - Before Transformation


Bathtub Resurfacing Phoenix - After Transformation

Changing the Color of Your Bathtub

Those of you living in those historic downtown Phoenix homes might have one big problem with your antique tub: the finish tends to turn into an ugly color as your tub ages. While some might still appreciate the old, avocado green color that was so popular decades ago, the rest of us know where to turn for affordable bathtub refinishing Phoenix can trust.

Using Miracle Method's high-tech acrylic resins, tub refinishing is complete in just 48 hours.

Not Being Able to Properly Clean Your Old Tub

Another common problem is that the tub’s surface becomes worn, leading to stains that are impossible to remove. Through Miracle Method's efficient application, you can change the surface quality with proper bathtub resurfacing in your Phoenix home.

You'll find this really useful if you have one of the old stylish Clawfoot antique bathtubs. If you want to keep your tub as clean as possible for yourself and for guests, this is the only bathtub refinishing in Phoenix you'll need, and at the most affordable rate.

Repairing Chips and Cracks

Another unsightly problem with old bathtubs is when they start getting chips or cracks in the surface. As an aesthetic problem in your bathroom, it's already bad enough. It can become even more embarrassing when someone must use a cracked tub. Doing so could quickly lead to leaks around your bathroom floor. Fortunately, Miracle Method's tub refinishing process also works on repairing chips and cracks.

Our patented fiberglass repair method can help seal all those stress cracks your tub experienced over the years. It is vital to use this service now if you see the tiniest crack because any cracking is only going to grow larger and lead to potential mold if you don't refinish promptly.

Miracle Method truly stands alone in the techniques we've mastered, and we invite you to call and set up an appointment for bathtub refinishing in your Phoenix home.