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Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Impossible to clean showers, tile floors and bathtubs were repaired and refinished during summer break
Miracle Method Passes Durability Test at Marshall University
The test bathroom was put back into use for students who love the “new” look and the surface is demonstrating its durability and mold resistance. The test success has the facility department planning to have Miracle Method refinish 87 similar Twin Tower bathrooms.
Miracle Method Updates Over 200 Bathrooms During Campus Breaks
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Dirty and outdated tile floors, walls, and shower pans in university bathrooms were impossible to clean. The Facility Manager needed an affordable solution to enhance the university’s appearance. Miracle Method’s refinishing process was selected over removal and replacement options.
Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, WA
Leaking, Damaged Showers Repaired and Refinished in an Historic Residence Hall
Tile Floors and Walls Refinished In Chapel Hills Residence Hall
From dated tile to impossible to clean grout, this residence hall had 84 bathrooms in need of an update. Starting at the 2012 summer break the bathrooms had to be ready for students by August 18.
University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO
Miracle Method Provides Affordable Solution to Update Over 300 Residence Hall Restrooms
University of Colorado at Boulder
High-Profile Building Required an Affordable Solution to Upgrade Tile Bathrooms Over a Weekend
Miracle Method Updates Football Team Showers at Moorhead
After 50 plus years of use, the tile in the football team showers was worn and dingy, and the concrete floor was damaged and discolored. Miracle Method repaired and refinished the showers to like new – saving Moorhead weeks of construction and thousands of dollars over replacement costs.
Updating Dingy Dormitory Bathrooms & Showers
Due to budget constraints, USM was faced with having to pare back upgrades to their dormitory restrooms. Traditional remodeling would require hundreds of thousands of dollars; and, a limited budget would stretch the project over two years. USM was looking for a solution that would stop the damage caused by leaking terrazzo shower floors as well as a way to eliminate and prevent mold and black grout.