Fairfield Properties
Location: Federal Heights, CO Natural Accents for vanities & countertops. Refinish bathtubs & tile.
Baptist Memorial Hospital Turns to Miracle Method for Patient Safety
The majority of the patient rooms in the older wings of Baptist Memorial Hospital are outfitted with bathtubs. As their patient population has aged, the tubs had become a liability as older patients had difficulty stepping over the steep side of the tubs. A five-year plan to remove 400 tubs and modify plumbing in the towers was projected to cost 12 million dollars. Much of that cost would be for demolition of existing tubs, tile and plumbing.
Milwaukee Hilton and Squishy Tub Liners
Many of this hotel’s bathtubs were worn out and discolored. The decision was made to have bathtub liners installed in approximately 500 units. Unfortunately, within just 2 years most of the liners had failed meaning water had leaked in between the tub and the liner. The result was an unacceptable “squishy” feel for guests.
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB), Colorado Springs
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado - Outdated showers and floors in residence bathrooms required extensive repair due to drainage complications. CSDB was seeking an immediate renovation solution to upgrade the impossible to clean showers. To effectively prioritize projects, the Facility Maintenance Director turned to Miracle Method for an affordable renovation alternative over costly replacement options.
Military Housing
Cost effective renovations on an as-needed basis
Lend Lease is a major provider and manager of Military Family housing at installations throughout the United States. The turnover in these homes is higher than average due to military changes in assignments and with each move, the homes are returned to pristine condition. Lend Lease was in need of a process that could affordably update kitchen countertops, vanities, bathtubs and tile surrounds on an as needed basis from a vendor that could conform to stringent on-base work regulations.
Senior Living
Brookdale Uses Miracle Method to Update Countertops & Showers
Countertops in the independent living apartments were plain and dated, and the fiberglass shower units had become dull and worn. Replacement was costly and impractical, so Brookdale turned to Miracle Method for a beautifully affordable and fast solution.
Universities & Colleges
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
From dated tile to impossible to clean grout, this residence hall had 84 bathrooms in need of an update. Starting at the 2012 summer break the bathrooms had to be ready for students by August 18.