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Bathrooms Were in Need of a Makeover
After years of use, the original fiberglass tub/shower units were dull and faded, and some had cracks. The laminate vanities were old and outdated, and some were burned and scratched. The tile floor had a dated color, and expensive replacement was being considered.
Damaged Countertops Repaired and Refinished in 106 Guest Rooms
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina - Hotel rooms tailored to long stay residents suffered extensive kitchen countertop damage. Hotel management required an affordable alternative to replacement that would upgrade the countertops during an accelerated renovation process.
Milwaukee Hilton and Squishy Tub Liners
Many of this hotel’s bathtubs were worn out and discolored. The decision was made to have bathtub liners installed in approximately 500 units. Unfortunately, within just 2 years most of the liners had failed meaning water had leaked in between the tub and the liner. The result was an unacceptable “squishy” feel for guests.
Unsightly Chip Repair
Several bathtubs had unsightly chips, which created a poor impression for guests. Management was concerned that the chip repairs would be visible and create a negative impression.