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I love Our Countertops
After burning my countertop, I was referred to Bernie Kutchinski of Miracle Method and what a MIRACLE...I love Our countertops. Jason and Jose did an excellent job and treated our project as if it was one in their own homes. Thanks so much!!!

Greatest Job I've Ever Had Done!
We have a condo in Clearwater Beach, Fl. Everything in it is the original materials from when it was built in the 1970's. I'm sick and had gone down to Florida for a month, to get some much needed rest. While I was there I kept thinking about how I wanted to remodel the bathrooms. So after a couple of weeks, I decided to call around and get some quotes on having the tiles and vanities re-surfaced. I called one company and they said that they did not do that kind of work but, gave me the name and number of Miracle Method. I called and spoke with Tammy, telling her the work I would like to have done, but that I would be returning home to Michigan in just a few day's. She sent Bernie out to speak with me and give me a price on the job. Bernie was there in no time and showed me problem's that I wasn't even aware of. He said he would make the repair's, remove the old shower door and fill in the hole's. I told him of my problem with time, because I had new tenant's moving in on Nov. 1st. And I would really like to have the work completed before they moved in, and be able to have my husband come down an install a new shower door also before they moved in. He said he thought that they could work it in. I told him to go ahead with the job and I returned to Michigan. Bernie said it would take about 4 day's and about 48 hrs. for it to dry. Bernie did all of this work after I had returned to Michigan. My husband, son and I returned as soon as Bernie was done and installed a new custom shower door, and everything matched perfect! My husband is a contractor and he could not see anywhere that was a problem. Everything was beautiful! you could not tell that anyone had even been there, that's how well they cleaned up after themselves. They did all of this work, two bathrooms with tile floors and shower walls that had cracks and uneven area's, and both vanities, so that we could get the new shower door in before the new tenant's moved in! It was incredible! They gave me a folder with flier's, to put on each vanity so that the tenant's would know how to care for the tiles and vanities. I was so happy with the job, I grabbed everyone I saw in the building and brought them into our unit to show them the work. Everyone was just amazed at how nice it looked and wanted to know who had done the job. I was happy and proud to give them Bernie's name and number and told them to speak with Tammy. I put this company in a tough position to have all this done in less than 2 week's and they came through for me. The new tenant's were able to move in on schedule and were shocked when they saw the bathroom's. They called to tell us that it was a very nice surprise! They couldn't believe how we were able to get all that done in the short period of time, since they had just looked at the condo about two weeks ago. I can't thank Bernie, Tammy and the crew enough for the wonderful job they did for me. My next project is the kitchen counter's and yes, I will be calling Miracle Method no question!  Thank-you so much!,  Sunday Payeur
Sunday and Steve Payeur


Our 1950's pink and white tile bathroom has been changed to white. Old cracks in the tile were repaired and now it looks better than new. The entire job turned out much better than I expected. Wish the same could be said with all the other projects in our condo redo. Bernie did not let me down.
Grant in St Pete

Outstanding Service
We are thrilled with Miracle Method and their crew.  We didn't want to go thru the expense and mess of updating the 1970 harvest gold tub in the guest bath. We were impressed with the company website, Bernie's presentatiion and especially Keith's renovation.  The tub looks fantastic. They did a fantastic job from start to finish, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to update without the expense. Thanks again!

I just had my old bathtub liner removed because of poor installation done by another company. Miracle Method came and cleaned and refinished my original bathtub and it looks brand new.  I am very please with their service and the techs were all very pleasant to me.  I am happy I called.

Cast iron tub resurfacing
I was very pleased with the work done on my large 1970's cast iron tub which was an old fashioned beige color. Jason was careful to mask all the new tile work around the tub,removed the rust from around the edges and resurfaced in a sparkling white. The finished product looks like new. Thank you for a job well done.
Joy Mody

Vintage bathroom sink gets marvelous makeover
Bernie and team rose to the challenge when I asked him to refinish a 1950s era bathroom sink that had chips and growing rust spots. Since the color (silver-grey) was no longer standard, it was going to require a custom paint color. Thanks to Bernie's guidance, I was able to find the original manufacturer's color number, then see a swatch in order to verify that it was right match.  The result is awesome! They did a great job and their followup is A+. And Tammy was my communication anchor throughout the whole process, which made doing business with them a true pleasure.
P. Grove

Tub and tile resurfacing

Thanks to Jason and Cherokee for a job WELL done.  Our bathroom looks new.  Very professional and courteous.  Thank you Bernie, Tammy, Jason and Cherokee.
Glen & Alison Thompson

Tub Resurfacing

The Miracle Method team was very professional in all aspects of the job.  Everybody was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable in their work.  My thanks to Jason in sales, Tammy in the office, and Keith, Cherokee & Jason performing the actual refinishing on two bathtubs.
Roy Colbert

Tub Resurfacing

We are very happy with the resurfacing of our bath tub. The tech was courteous and prompt. He also took the time to explain how to care for the new surface. He cleaned up the area very good after the work was done.
David and Donna White