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Additional Services

Clawfoot Tubs for Sale

Clawfoot Tubs for Sale

In addition to being able to refinish your clawfoot tub we offer them for sale. Contact us for sizes and finishes. We can also get period hardware to finish off your classic beauty.

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Commercial Refinishing

We do work in hotels, universities, hospitals, assisted livings, schools etc. Visit our Commercial Services site for more information.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces.

Effective bathroom “cleaning” involves both Cleaning and Disinfecting the surface. There are many types of “dirt” including soap scum, pathogens, mineral deposits, body oils, excrement, mold, fungi, and other filth. Rarely is a single cleaner effective on all types of “dirt”. Instead, Miracle Method uses a sophisticated 2-Step cleaning process involving cleaners with both alkaline and acidic PH levels. Cleaning is critically important to remove most GBFV, dirt, and contaminants from surfaces. However, cleaning does not kill all GBFV, but by removing them, cleaning lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can lower the risk of spreading infection. After a thorough chemical cleaning, Miracle Method disinfects by applying EPA registered disinfectants to kill GBFV.