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Save thousands over replacement on old tubs!

Resurfacing Companies in Brentwood, TN

Are you looking to do surface refinishing in your Brentwood or Nashville home? Have you found it difficult to find a company that doesn’t stick you with excessive cost? Part of the problem is that most of these companies use drastic methods like an extensive uprooting process that isn’t easy on your time, comfort, or budget. It may involve complete demolition of old fixtures, leaving part of your house in shambles for longer than you want.

Miracle Method is your premier resurfacing company for, not only bathtub refinishing expertise, but much more. In fact, our refinishing expertise includes sinks, countertops, showers, and floors. Rather than focusing on replacement, we hone in exclusively on a refinishing process using a patented method. For bathrooms, one of our secrets is our use of high-tech acrylic resins on bathtub and shower surfaces for a strong bond that eliminates the need for complete replacement. On top of this, we use other practical and patented methods to refinish any surface in your home.

No matter what the surface is, replacement isn't necessary when using Miracle Method's process and our efficient surface refinishing offered in Brentwood, TN.

Resurfacing Your Tub or Shower

With the many historic homes in Brentwood TN, surface refinishing may be your answer for updating the fixtures in your house. It's possible you have an antique bathtub or shower that came with your home. Even though you've enjoyed using an antique tub or shower for a long time, you're probably starting to notice deterioration.

With age, your tub or shower may start to adopt an ugly coloring. If this is not the case, you may have the more deliberate outdated color selection from a previous homeowner. You're also likely seeing chips or cracks, which cause leaking and can gradually worsen without attention. The surface may also be impossible to clean because of how worn it is.

Miracle Method uses acrylic resins that change the surface of your tub and shower, so you can adjust the color and make it easier to clean. With this technique, you can avoid tearing out the tub and leaving an empty space in your home for the next several weeks.


Bathtub Refinishing - Before Transformation


Bathtub Refinishing - After Transformation

Resurfacing Your Countertops

Historic houses also come with aged countertops in your kitchen or bathrooms that likely need refinishing, as well. While this is generally an expensive process, our team at Miracle Method is here for an affordable countertop refinishing option.

Miracle Methods' countertop refinishing method is done with a Natural Accent finish we apply in just seven easy steps. This method helps change the color of your countertops easily and is impervious to water, helping to prevent any leaking. With thirty color choices, you can customize easily without having to use paint, bringing an updated look and feel to your countertops through refinishing rather than remodeling. You can trust that Miracle Method of Brentwood, TN is a top resurfacing company in the Nashville area.


Countertop Refinishing - Before Transformation


Countertop Refinishing - After Transformation

Refinishing Your Floor

Don't forget about how important your floors are to bring aesthetic value to your home. If you are looking for a way to revamp the entire atmosphere of your home or if you plan to sell your house in Brentwood, refinishing your floor can change the entire look in just a couple of days.

Cabinet Refinishing

The comprehensiveness to Miracle Method doesn't end with just fixtures, countertops, or floors. Those old cabinets you have around your antique home can be refinished easily using the same methods. The cost of using our high-end designer cabinet refinishing process already saves you up to 50%-75%. In fact, you can easily redesign your entire house using Miracle Method's techniques without having to replace a thing. It’s time to look for a smarter surface refinishing method for your Brentwood home, rather than the expensive and inconvenient procedures other companies offer. Call us today to learn why we are a top resurfacing company!