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Walls and Floor - Before - Cannot Look At Those Colors For Another Day?
Walls and Floor - After - Modernize Your Bathroom In Just A Couple Days
Wall Tile - Before - You've put up with that bathroom color for way too many years!
Wall Tile - After - Freshen up your bathroom to look like new! You deserve it!
Vanity Sink - Before - Thermal Shock cracking from years of use
Vanity Sink - After - Looks like new undermount sink
Vanity - Before - Is your vanity outdated?
Vanity - After - We can update your vanity look without replacement
Tub and Tile Surround - Before - Tired of that brown color?
Tub and Tile Surround - After - Let us brighten up your bath/shower with modern shelving that double as safety grab bars
Tub and Tile - Before - Brown Has Gotta Go
Tub and Tile - After - Transformed In 2 Days
Tub & Tile.- Before - That is a Lot of Pink!
Tub & Tile.- Before - So much better!
Tub & Tile Surround - Before - Look At All That BLUE!!
Tub & Tile Surround - After - WOW! - Fresh and Clean
Tub - Before - Has your bathtub gotten beyond cleaning?
Tub - After - Refinish to make it look like new
Tile Walls, Floor and Vanity - Before - Cavern of mauve marble
Tile Walls, Floor and Vanity - After - Modernized to soft neutrals
Tile Floor & Jacuzzi Deck - Before - So Much Pink in Connecticut!
Tile Floor & Jacuzzi Deck - After - One of Our Favorite Natural Grey Stone Colors
Shower Tile - Before - Want to update your 70s look in your bathroom?
Shower Tile - After - Let us give you a new look for your shower with refinishing
Shower Pan.- Before - Fiberglass Shower Pan A Mess? But You Don't Want To Remodel?
Shower Pan.- After - We Can Rebuild And Refinish Your Shower Pan
Shower Pan Repair - Before - Is your Fiberglass Shower Pan Cracked? Filling up with Water or Leaking Below?
Shower Pan Repair - After - Let us Repair your Fiberglass Shower Pan to Look Like New!
Shower Pan - Before - Old Terrazzo Shower Pan in Need of Some TLC?
Shower Pan - After - Repaired and Refinished Terrazzo Shower Pan
Shower and Floor - Before - Very pink and mauve
Shower and Floor - After - Modernized to grey and white
Shower - Before - Tile in good shape. just need a color update?
Shower - After - Get a fresh look in just 2 days!
Kitchen Counter Repair - Before
Kitchen Counter Repair - After
Kitchen Counter and Backsplash - Before - Outdated Kitchen?
Kitchen Counter and Backsplash - After - Modernize With a Quick Facelift, Refinishing Your Counters and Backsplash
Kitchen Counter - Make Formica Look Like Granite
Kitchen Counter - Custom Bullnose Counter Edge
Kitchen Counter - Before - DIY gone bad?
Kitchen Counter - After - Let us help make those counters look new
Jacuzzi Tub -- Before -- Looking to sell your home? Want to freshen up your bathroom?
Jacuzzi Tub -- After -- Let us make your jacuzzi tub pop for a prospective buyer with our new refinish
Jacuzzi Tub - Before - Customer Concerned With Mold and Scum Coming Out of Jets
Jacuzzi Tub - After - Jets Removed, Holes Closed Up, Tub Refinished
Jacuzzi Bathtub and Floor - Before - Mauve be gone
Jacuzzi Bathtub and Floor - After - Bright and Modern
Fiberglass Crack Repair - Before
Fiberglass Crack Repair - After
Fiberglass Bath/Shower Unit - Before - So much blue!
Fiberglass Bath/Shower Unit - After - Like New!
Custom Bathtub Safety Step Conversion - Before
Custom Bathtub Safety Step Conversion - After
Clawfoot Tub - Before - What Do You Do With Your Old, Original Clawfoot Tub?
Clawfoot Tub - After - Refinish It, Making It Beautiful While Keeping The Authentic Original Tub
Bathtub..- Before - Done With The Brown Tub?
Bathtub..- After - Finally White!
Bathtub.-.Before - Those 50s Colors! Ugh!
Bathtub.-.After - Wow!
Bathtub. - Before - Previous Owner Painted It
Bathtub. - After - Shiny White Like New
Bathtub Bottom Rebuild - Before - Bathtub in need of repair?
Bathtub Bottom Rebuild - After - We can take care of repairing your bathtub for you
Bathtub & Tile Surround - Before - Can't take the blue anymore?
Bathtub & Tile Surround - After - Let us give you a bathroom update in 2 days!
Bathtub & Floor - Before - Green is good... just not in the bathroom
Bathtub & Floor - After - Ready for sale! Neutral white.
Bathtub -- Before -- Does your bathtub that was previously refinished need some serious help?
Bathtub -- After -- Let us give you a like-new bathtub with our high quality refinishing
Bathtub - Before - Previous Refinish Failing
Bathtub - After - Looking Like New Again
Bathroom Floor - Before - Tired Of The Colored Chicklets?
Bathroom Floor - After - Fresh and Bright
Bathroom - Before - Walls, Floor and Shower Pan
Bathroom - After - Walls, Floor and Shower Pan