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Save thousands over replacement on old tubs!

Bathroom & Kitchen Refinishing over Remodeling & Renovation

Those of you with older bathrooms or kitchens are probably starting to notice some deterioration going on with your fixtures and countertops. If these rooms in your home are even a decade old, you can't escape the fact that things are going to age naturally. Once you realize repair is in order, how do you go about it without replacing everything? The typical scenario is someone coming in and tearing out your old bathtub, countertops, or flooring and replacing them with new fixtures or tile. What if you could avoid this process and just do a refinishing job on your existing items? It's possible thanks to application of high-tech acrylic resins on the surface of tubs and other fixtures. This technique is something we pride ourselves in and that few refinishing companies offer in Denver.

It's the process you'll see done firsthand if you need bathtub refinishing in Denver. You'll be able to finally rid yourself of dullness or fading in the tub, outdated colors, stains and gunk, or chips and cracks. Imagine being able to take an old Clawfoot tub you've had in your home for generations and refinish it so it looks like new in just a few days!


Bathtub Remodeling


Bathtub - After Transformation

More Refinishing With Bathroom Vanities

Miracle Method's Denver refinishing & resurfacing techniques go beyond just tubs in your bathroom. We can apply the process to bathroom vanities, as well. Our expertise ranges the full expanse of materials, as we can refinish cultured marble, ceramic tile, and laminate surfaces on these vanities so they look brand new.

Refinishing Vs. Remodeling or Renovating Your Kitchen

Whether using a kitchen in the back offices of your business, or your family kitchen at home, Miracle Method of Denver Metro can help you eliminate remodeling and focus strictly on refinishing. It's possible to keep everything in your kitchen intact by simply doing a refinish on all fixtures and flooring. Now you can basically revitalize your existing laminate, tile, and Corian® countertops without the pressure of removing them.

Our kitchen refinishing options expand beyond the countertops. You can do the same with your kitchen floors by fixing damaged tiles, changing the color, and sealing your grout lines. In fact, all of the same refinishing techniques we use at Miracle Method also apply to sinks. Your kitchen sink can survive and be upgraded without being completely ripped out for a modern refinish.

Saving Money and Time in Denver with Tub Refinishing Projects

With many older buildings and homes, you probably have aging kitchens and bathrooms that require bathtub refinishing in the Denver area. Miracle Method also serves the Englewood, Lakewood, and Littleton, CO areas.

The money and time you’ll save using Miracle Method’s refinishing techniques seems unreal, but you'll be able to save from 50 - 75% of costs you'd pay on remodeling or renovating. What’s better is that our proven techniques can be accomplished in the matter of a few days verses a few weeks to a few months.

If you have older fixtures that give character to your home or business, it's time to keep them going for another generation. Call Miracle Method at (720) 213-6061 for an appointment.