Let Miracle Method apply our technically superior Slip-Resistant Surface to your existing Bathtubs and Showers.

Looking for a quick solution to help reduce slip-and-fall accidents in your bathrooms? Let our professionally trained technicians apply our superior slip-resistant surface onto your existing bathtub bottoms. To increase bathroom safety even more, we can apply our slip-resistant surface onto shower pans and tile floors. We’ll do this with little disruption to your business – in most cases, your bathrooms rooms are returned to service in just a few hours.

Our nationwide network of Miracle Method locations has made bathrooms safer in many of the North America’s top hotels.

Our unique process and application creates the most durable
Slip-Resistant Surface.

The existing surface is prepped with our proprietary MM4 Bonding Agent, which creates a molecular bond between the surface and the applied slip-resistant surface. The results is a durable slip-resistant texture that won’t crack or peel. No other surface refinisher uses our MM4 Bonding Agent.

Our Slip-Resistant Surface outperforms these options:

Chemical Etch
Chemical etch creates “pits” in the surface to mimic a slip resistant surface. The pits quickly fill with soap scum and body oils – which reduces the slip resistant effectiveness.

Glue-On Mats & Appliqués
Glue-on mats collect mildew and germs around the edges, making it difficult to keep clean and sanitary. Cleaning loosens the appliqué, causing it to peel or the edges to curl up. These must be replaced often.

Rubber Mats
Rubber mats are not permanent and can slip while in use. They become dirty, unsanitary and stained – and are not easily cleaned. Rubber mats tend to lose their grip, requiring them to be replaced often.

Want to get started, but don’t know how?

Start by calling the Miracle Method Commercial Services hotline at 1-888-741-3511. You’ll talk with a commercial refinishing expert that will answer your questions and walk you through our process.

How much grip do you need?

The amount of texture (grip) can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Our applied Slip-Resistant Surface is available in clear, tinted, or custom color matched to the existing surface.

Technically Superior

Our unique application process includes the use of our MM4 Bonding Agent – which creates a molecular bond with the surface.

The bonded Slip Resistant Surface integrates with the existing surface and will not crack or peel.

A Fast & Affordable Solution

Our Slip-Resistant Surface is applied quickly – we’ll return your rooms to service in just a few hours.

Competitive pricing – call us for a free quote!

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