Slippery Bathroom Surfaces?

We can make your bathtubs, showers and floors safer – FAST.

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Slip and fall accidents

on wet surfaces are the

#1 cause of injuries

in the bathroom.

A superior solution, customized for your needs.

Our unique MM4 Bonding Agent creates a molecular bond with the surface. The bonded texture integrates with the existing surface and will not crack or peel.

How much grip do you need? The amount of texture (grip) can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Our applied texture is available in clear, tinted, or custom color match.

Same Day Application & Return to Service

Our technicians will apply the non-slip surface quickly, and return your bathrooms to service within the same day.

Our solution is simple:

Increase Grip. Reduce Slip.

We bond non-slip texture onto your existing:

Our superior non-slip solution is a granular texture that is bonded onto your existing bathroom surfaces. Our unique anti-slip surface can be adjusted to meet your needs and will exceed industry standards for slip resistance in wet environments.

Reduce slip and fall liability in your facility.

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Put us to work for you. Request a quote today.

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