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Floor Refinishing in Akron, OH

Are you tired of walking on cracked or dirty ceramic tile floors? Is the grout of your ceramic tiles ready for an updated transformation? Miracle Method of Cleveland in Akron, Ohio can offer the perfect solution without the mess and hassle of replacing your floors.


Floor Refinishing - Before Transformation


Floor Refinishing - After Transformation

So, what exactly is floor tile refinishing?

Unlike a complete remodel that replaces the floor altogether, floor refinishing keeps your existing flooring intact but provides a brand-new appearance through uneven surface repairs and the use of bonding agents and a high-tech acrylic resin topcoat.

Floor & Tile Refinishing

The benefits of refinishing are substantial and worth consideration. Some benefits include:

  • Due to the quick turnaround rate for refinishing, you can be walking on your floors again within 2-3 days as opposed to the lengthy time frame involved in a complete remodel.
  • Less mess and cleanup (and stress!)
  • The sealing process for floor refinishing makes the surfaces easy to clean and maintain while still offering great durability.
  • You can achieve that modern, updated look of a new floor at half the price of a replacement!

Why is Miracle Method in Akron, Ohio, the best choice for refinishing?

Quality is key when it comes to refinishing any surface, and Miracle Method of Cleveland has a proven track record for providing top-notch services.

Our 4-Step Process

  1. First, we deep clean the floor removing all dirt and existing residue.
  2. Then we make any necessary repairs to damaged tiles or grout.
  3. Once the existing surface is repaired and even, we apply our proprietary bonding agent to ensure a great adhesion between the original surface and the topcoat.
  4. Our process concludes by spraying a high-tech acrylic resin that seals the floor, providing lasting durability and that brand-new look you've been waiting for.

For more information on how Miracle Method of Cleveland can provide floor and tile refinishing in your home, contact us today!


Floor Refinishing - Before Transformation


Floor Refinishing - After Transformation

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If you live in the Lakewood area and are looking for a proven company to handle tile floor refinishing in a professional and friendly manner, give Miracle Method of Cleveland a call today. We offer additional refinishing services including:

  • cabinet refinishing
  • ceramic tile refinishing
  • shower refinishing
  • bathtub refinishing
  • surface and fiberglass repair

Our estimates are always free, and we never surprise you with any hidden costs. Stop by our beautiful showroom to learn more about our tile floor refinishing options, and our other refinishing services. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of home’s transformation!

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