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Ceramic Tile Refinishing Akron in Cleveland

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Ceramic Tile Refinishing in Akron, OH

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to keep our homes in tip-top shape, there are certain problems that come our way that simply can't be fixed on our own. One such example is ceramic tile. As elegant as it can be at times, getting the grout lines cleaned can be a difficult task, resulting in a tiled floor, counter, or shower that looks continually dirty (and potentially even moldy). While you may think these situations warrant a complete overhaul, Miracle Method of Cleveland in Akron, Ohio, has proven many times over that refinishing can be a better option.


Ceramic Refinishing - Before Transformation


Ceramic Refinishing - After Transformation
Miracle Method refinished the walls, vanity and tub for an updated look!

What is “refinishing”?

Unlike a remodel that requires tile removal and replacement, refinishing is a multi-level process that involves deep cleaning of all dirt and residue, damaged tile repair, and sealant of current tiles and grout to give them a like-new, updated appearance. The use of high tech acrylic resins in the sealing process keeps mold from making its way into the grout and protects the tile from future cracking.

Read our FAQ to learn more about ceramic tile refinishing in Akron, OH.

Benefits of Refinish Ceramic Tile Floors

Since refinishing utilizes the tile already in place, ceramic tile refinishing in Akron, OH brings a wealth of benefits to homeowners:

  • It saves time, as the project can be completed within 2-3 days.
  • Cleanup is a breeze since the process is simply adding layers of primers and resins to the existing tile, leaving out the mess of removal and replacement.
  • While the installation of new tile will look clean and fresh in the beginning, refinishing will require much less maintenance due to the sealed grout and will keep that like-new appearance for years to come.
  • Refinishing can be performed at 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing new tile, saving the homeowner a significant amount of money.

Color Selection

We also have a special line of designer colors ranging from solids to beautifully modern Natural Accent® stone-look finishes. These colors can transform and refinish ceramic tile floors at half the price of a replacement.

Our Process

The durability and outcome of refinish ceramic tile floors is related directly to the quality of products used during the process. If the refinishing coats don't stick well to the current tiles, the quality is going to be subpar and lack longevity. That is why our team at Miracle Method of Cleveland uses a proprietary bonding agent that guarantees adhesion between the high-tech resins and existing surface.

Choose Miracle Method Today!

If you have any questions on our refinishing process or how we can help transform your unsightly or damaged ceramic tile, please contact us at Miracle Method of Cleveland today! For a firsthand account of our ceramic tile refinishing in Akron, OH, check out our reviews!


Ceramic Refinishing - Before Transformation


Ceramic Refinishing - After Transformation
Update your tile shower with no demolition. Miracle Method refinishing.


Ceramic Refinishing - Before Transformation


Ceramic Refinishing - After Transformation