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Refinish Bathroom Countertops – Lakewood, OH

When a bathroom vanity needs an update due to damage or an outdated style, many people automatically assume a replacement is the best option. Homeowners though, should consider the affordable, durable and time-tested process of bathroom vanity refinishing.


Bathroom Vanity Refinishing - Before Transformation


Bathroom Vanity Refinishing - After Transformation

How do you refinish bathroom countertops?

Bathroom vanity refinishing takes your current vanity and transforms it into a like-new surface, using a process of deep cleaning followed by the application of bonding agents and high-tech acrylic resins. The repurposing of the existing vanity is what sets it apart from a remodel, in which the entire countertop is removed and replaced with a brand-new piece.

Refinish a Bathroom Vanity – And More!

If you have a cultured marble, ceramic tile, or laminate countertop in your bathroom, refinishing is the perfect way to give your bathroom a new and modernized look without the hassle, mess, and high price tag involved in a removal. This is especially useful if you have a uniquely designed bathroom.

One of the top benefits of refinishing is that the project can be completed in an extremely quick timeframe (24-48 hours) and at a fraction of the cost compared to a replacement, while still offering a sparkling surface that is durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

Our many color choices, including our popular Natural Accents® stone-look finishes, offer a homeowner the chance to bring their bathroom up-to-date and give it a beautiful new style.

If you need to refinish a bathroom vanity, contact us today at Miracle Method of Cleveland in Lakewood. We'd love to save you money, time and effort, while still bringing new life into your bathroom!

Why choose Miracle Method in Lakewood, Ohio?

For years Miracle Method of Cleveland has been serving customers in the Lakewood, Ohio area with tremendous results. The quality of products used to refinish a bathroom countertop, as well as the professional customer service we offer, sets us apart from many other refinishing providers.


Bathtub - Before Transformation


Bathtub - After Transformation
Tile vanity updated with one of our rich Natural Accents colors.


BAthroom Vanity Refinishing - Before Transformation


Bathroom Vanity Refinishing - After Transformation