Wow! Change colors, restore the glossy finish, & permanently seal tile grout lines so they are easy to clean.

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Wow! What a Concept

Miracle Method upgrades baths and kitchens without the mess, expense and hassle of replacement. As a mobile service, we restore the existing fixtures right in place. Our applied composite resins create a new finish that is incredibly beautiful, durable and will extend the life of tubs, tile, and countertops for 15 years or more!

89% of owners increased their 2012 sales

Broad Demand
Every property with a bath or kitchen is a potential customer!

Competitive Advantage
Miracle Method offers the best and most durable refinishing thanks to our unique process, which includes our proprietary bonding agent. Refinishing by Miracle Method looks better, feels smoother and lasts longer than our competitors’ refinishing.

Unique Concept
80% of the population is not yet aware of surface refinishing which translates to enormous potential!

Commercial & Residential Customers
Our customers include homeowners, hotels, universities, hospitals - any property with a bath or kitchen. The potential with commercial customers is enormous. For instance, our franchise owners did over $6 million in refinishing for a single hotel chain and over $450,000 for a major university last summer!

Broad Product Offering
A Miracle Method franchise owner makes money by offering a variety of services to many types of customers! We refinish all types of bathtubs, ceramic tile and countertops. We also repair fiberglass, chips and scratches. Our safety services include our Easy Step walk-in tub conversion, slip resistant surfaces, grab bars and more.

Scalable Growth
Each of your technicians can generate over $144,000 in yearly sales! The more technicians you have the more you can make.

Sustained Growth
We are growing, even in an unsteady economy. Our network sales have increased by 73% over the last 5 years!

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