top franchise opportunities

Top Franchise Opportunities

If you've been contemplating a new business venture, consider Miracle Method, one of the top franchise opportunities in the country. We've been the national leader in surface refinishing for over three decades and have consistently shown growth, public demand and profitability. Owning a Miracle Method franchise offers a completely different business model and experience than anything on the market.

Many franchise opportunities offer the promise of autonomy and support, but the reality is often much different. Owners are expected to fend for themselves as soon as the ink on the contract dries, and locations are micromanaged at an unbelievable level. At Miracle Method we strive to offer a different sort of experience and maintain our ranking as one of the top franchise opportunities in the United States.

Owners receive the full backing and support of Miracle Method from the first day forward. Our success is tied directly to that of our franchise locations and we assist owners in every way possible. With our corporate support, proven business model and a little initiative, a profitable business is well within your reach. Support from Miracle Method extends far beyond the usual assistance offered to franchisees.

Managerial Support: The proven management system of Miracle Method provides you with the foundation to run a successful business. Our instructors will teach you the methods and practices of efficiently managing a Miracle Method surface refinishing franchise. Even if you have no previous business management experience our training regimen can prepare you to run a business.

Advertising and Marketing Support: We want your franchise to be as successful and profitable as possible. Our team of marketing professionals will help ensure your business is on the path to success from day one. We'll supply a startup advertising package including literature, business cards and a customized marketing plan. In addition you'll have access to Miracle Methods vast advertising network to help promote your business on both a national and local level.

Technical Support: Miracle Method will take care of a majority of your locations technical needs. This includes website and directory management, billing and invoicing system support and lead generating programs. To keep owners on the cutting edge of technology we offer annual technical workshops and provide access to technical trainers.

Investing your time and money into a franchise of any sort is a daunting prospect, but it doesn't have to be. Don't let an amazing opportunity to manage your own business pass by. For more information on top franchise opportunities from Miracle Method fill out the Get Started form or call 1-800-444-8827 today.