Are the tile floors in your facility damaged, ugly, or germ-laden? The good news is: Your tile floors probably don’t need to be replaced.

Over time, tile floors become damaged and the grout is impossible to clean and sanitize. Our refinishing process repairs the damaged tile, then completely seals both the tile surface and the grout. This creates a moisture barrier that prevents dirt, mold, germs, and mildew buildup. Your maintenance staff will appreciate the time-saving benefits of no longer needing to clean the grout lines!

No matter how large your tile problems, we’re ready to help!

No matter how many square feet of tile floors need repair & refinishing in your facility, Miracle Method has the right solution for your project. Because of the increasing demand for high-quality, commercial surface refinishing, Miracle Method has created a Nationwide Commercial Services Team. If your project requires additional manpower, this team mobilizes quickly to assist your local Miracle Method franchise to complete your refinishing project quickly.

Don’t trust your tile floor refinishing project to untrained, part-timers. Choose Miracle Method for trained experts in surface refinishing who follow best practices, use exclusive Miracle Method products with unmatched attention to detail and safety.

Want to get started, but don’t know how?

Start by calling the Miracle Method Commercial Services hotline at 1-888-741-3511. A commercial refinishing expert is ready to answer your questions and prepare a proposal for you.

What is Surface Refinishing?