Central Missouri State - Worn Out and Damaged Bathtubs


The Property
Dormitory rooms at Central Missouri State University in Kansas City, Missouri

The Problem
University Facility Management identified 25 steel/porcelain bathtubs that were damaged, worn out, and hard to clean. Some had been previously refinished by another vendor and were peeling. Some of the tubs actually had large patches of bare cast iron and rust.

The Solution
MSU contacted Miracle Method of Kansas City to strip, repair, and refinish the bathtubs. Miracle Method was chosen on the basis of its reputation for durability.

The Process
Each bathtub had to be stripped of the defective coating, chips and patches of bare cast iron filled, and then refinished. The project took approximately 9 days to complete, about one week ahead of schedule.

The Result
MSU’s Maintenance Manager was very pleased with the work and will use Miracle Method on all future bathtub repair and refinishing work.

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